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Our Teams

Our teams consist of 4 different categories. We have a high school boys' team, a high school girls' team, a middle school co-ed team, and an elementary league. We offer playing opportunities for any students from grades K-12. With this, we are able to give everyone a chance to learn and develop the sport no matter what age they start at. FM Youth Rugby wants all teams to have an inviting environment where you can come from any school to work as a team wherever the best fit for you is. Since we have 4 different categories for playing this means no matter your playing ability, size, grade, level, or gender, we have a spot for you.

Player Pathways

After FM Youth Rugby there are many options to continue to play. In the FM area, there are 10 more rugby programs here. That is right! 10 other teams in addition to the four parts of our program. There are 6 collegiate teams, North Dakota State has men's and women's teams, Minnesota State University Moorhead has men's and women's teams, University of North Dakota has men's and women's, and if you do not go to college you have the option to play for the men's Ruffians team, or the women's Roughriders. There are also a plethora of other teams across the nation, so no matter where you go from our area here you will be welcome at any other rugby club. In addition, you can progress to the Major League Rugby where you can join the highest level of rugby competition there is in our country. 

Learn more about all of these programs here: